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Cursive in schools, it's your brain stupid

Cursive Image

Image from Sunset Ridge Elementary School

This morning I read an article at Yahoo about a handful of states – California, Georgia, and Massachusetts are adding cursive as a requirement in the curriculum. And while these select states are ensuring children will learn this skill, other states are leaving it optional (read: don’t bother) like Indiana, Illinois, and Hawai’i.

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A memorable night at the Laker game

Laker Score

The smiles I saw tonight were of pure elation and joy. I felt it important for me to highlight our experience as I remember it.

The game was set to start at 6:30pm, and we had a 45 minute drive to get there. You slept for more than half of the ride, and woke when we finally got close enough to the parking for an attendant to speak into the car directing us where to go.

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