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    Ciao! I'm Andrew Lombardi, an entrepreneur, photographer, author, and I speak worldwide about technology.


Her plane took off early

Love Graffiti

A scant few cars on the road, the search for a taxi stand consumed both bleary eyed travelers. Both departing after a successful 48 hour experiment in spontaneity. Rain from the previous night saw the streets glisten in the moonlit darkness of early morning. He opened the taxi door for his companion, having brief flashes of the same event over their brief time together. They sat side-by-side and a million miles away. She reached for his hand and lazily caressed it as they glided through town. Each stole glances at one another during the drive. In less than an hour they would part ways, with no future plans. Every beginning must soon end.

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Now running on Jekyll


So, obviously the conversion to Pelican didn’t bring about a wealth of writing that I can point to as a success. Truth be told, I was never quite fond of the look of the theme chosen, and perhaps the creativity started to wane from that point. Or perhaps it’s just laziness.

No matter. I’ve redone the Mystic site to use Jekyll, and I’ve done the same now for this one.


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Conversion to Pelican complete


Last week I decided that I didn’t like dealing with Wordpress any longer. It’s a constant cat and mouse game to update the framework, then all the plugins, and pray that nothing breaks in the process. And I’d rather post new photos, new articles, and not deal with it.

So I’m running a Python app called Pelican which is a static site generator along with Dropbox and a few other assorted goodies. I’ve set it up so I can even write from my iPad and everything will be golden.

Would this be a good option for a blogger sick of the pain that can be caused by a Wordpress install? No. Not without technical skill, or someone nearby who can help with the transition.

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