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The ramblings of an incoherent love


Incoherent Love

A photo I took in Madrid prompted this exploration of what is occurring with the couple in the photo. I decided to imagine him writing her a letter...

Crafting email that is at once witty and thoughtful is something I strive for but believe I'll miss the mark this time. What can I say? You've consumed my mind at times, as I've been dating and interacting with other women I haven't found a smile worth keeping around for very long.

That's not entirely true. At times I've found the distance in my mind is shorter than the length of my heart to find your sweet smile. Other times, it couldn't be farther away. I seem to fall madly and deeply in love with an idea, with a fascination of what you actually **might** be like to love forever. In reality the perception in my mind is but a mere fantasy that I've concocted of the perfect woman. Could that be you? Yes. Is it fair of me to thrust that image I have onto you? No, of course not.
So all at once I seek the beauty in your smile, the strength in which you carry yourself, and the self esteem that emanates through the care you take in your appearance. All at once I've been left speechless by your stunning beauty and style, even for a mere outing that for most girls would not merit anything fancier than jeans and a shirt.
I am rambling, but i think what this comes down to, is my need for the **idea** of you to be close in my life. And that doesn't come **from** you, for you are a mere representation of a projection that I have created, one that appears to be lacking in my life.
The only thing I'd like from you, is to listen and hear me when I say a profound and deeply gratitude inspired thank you. Our time together was fabulous. And my only wish is that our paths cross again, each time being much sooner than the last until the real you is someone I can be consumed by, in the real world.