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Her plane took off early

Love Graffiti

A scant few cars on the road, the search for a taxi stand consumed both bleary eyed travelers. Both departing after a successful 48 hour experiment in spontaneity. Rain from the previous night saw the streets glisten in the moonlit darkness of early morning. He opened the taxi door for his companion, having brief flashes of the same event over their brief time together. They sat side-by-side and a million miles away. She reached for his hand and lazily caressed it as they glided through town. Each stole glances at one another during the drive. In less than an hour they would part ways, with no future plans. Every beginning must soon end.

The air in the taxi was filled with tension. A few kisses were stolen between awkward pauses- no words. A month before they had just met, casual flirting in a group, dancing and romantic touches. The venue was professional and the music was loud enough to necessitate a more intimate dialog, cheek to cheek, the whispers tickling the ears. A physical attraction and connection formed that night, laughing and dancing with drinks flowing and not a care in the world.

They would send random emails to each other over the ensuing weeks. Just a month later, chance would bring them back together. An unknown city for both, and a brief love that would last only a moment.

The taxi arrived at the train station, driver paid, bags prominently sitting on the curb at attention waiting for their next assignment. Her train had arrived moments before they entered, the car ride momentarily forgotten to allay the confusion surrounding what track to board. The wheels on the pull-cart luggage made a knocking sound for every break in the concrete as they walked. He held her ticket in his hand, fidgeting and playing with it as they got closer to the door. The briefest of pauses, both still delirious from the early morning hour, a glance deep into each others eyes. Searching... And then an unconscious smile from each, a momentary embrace and kiss. He stepped down from the platform, the train closed its doors and pushed away.

Joy. And a bit of longing.