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Blog now running yet another framework


Yes, it's running Next.js now.

Yes, it ran 2 other (maybe 3) static site generators previously.

This particular variant is being modified from the tailwind-nextjs-starter-blog.

Our deployment pipeline is basically using GitHub as the repository and Netlify with the Next on Netlify plugin.

Using Next.js is appealing as Mystic has been deploying sites with React and Next.js for several years now. We're the propeller heads who will spend an hour on a regex to edit 100 changes in a file that would take 10 minutes otherwise. I have some ideas on the horizon with this site, and plan to integrate our love of learning and productivity and write a plethora of articles which I hope will help those who've stumbled on this site. It offers server-side rendering which should enable us to ship down an HTML page and serve it as fast as possible to you! It also helps me out by automatically minifying javascript, performing code splitting, lazy loading, pre-fetching assets, caching builds and other performance optimizations.

Several topics we're considering talking about:

  • Effective automation for productivity
  • Musings on learning
  • Deep dive into knowledge graph platforms (specifically Roam Research)
  • Creative writing

And we are also in the process of re-writing the Mystic site to use Next.js and add features that should serve our customers better.