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About change


Change is difficult, and when it’s coupled with fear it renders one inert.

I resolve to never stay too long in fear without remembering a moment later, that I am an infinite being, that there is good wherever I look if I’m willing to just look beyond. Beyond the rat race, beyond the consistent effort to be less than our potential by the masses. To be in servitude to anyone but your own source is to discount how beautiful you are. To feel that you must be in service to an “out there” is to discount your divinity. You may believe that God is outside of you, or that you are just a microcosm of the infinity that is God. Both are correct. To take a concept and it’s opposite and keep them equally as valid in the mind is the dichotomy of our planet. To know light, there must be it’s opposite. As humans we understand concepts by comparing and contrasting them with others, until we arrive at a stable enough thought to be considered a “thing”.

But that isn’t reality. You think that’s air you’re breathing?

Be not afraid of who you really are. Share your gift with the world no matter how scary. Be presence.